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HMD Sealless Pumps

Project brief

Triangle Fire were awarded the contract for the Fire Protection at HMD Sealless Pumps in Eastbourne.

Triangle Fire Systems has recently replaced 26 fire doors at HMD Sealless Pumps, an engineering plant located in Eastbourne. This enhancement was necessary due to the non-compliance of the existing fire doors with current fire safety regulations identified in a fire risk assessment.

We were contracted directly by HMD Sealless Pumps Ltd to design, install and supply:

  •  BS 8214, Fire Doors

The 26 fire doors comprised a blend of FD30 and FD60 ratings, signifying varying fire resistance capacities. Doors rated FD30 can withstand fire for 30 minutes., whereas FD60-rated doors offer protection for 60 minutes. The incorporation of both types of doors enhance overall fire safety measures.

Works Included:

  • New intumescent fire and smoke strips. These strips are installed on fire doors, and when they encounter high temperatures, they expand to seal any openings or edges that could aid in the spread of smoke and fire.
  • New drop-down seals have been fitted to seal the gap along the bottom of the door. These seals work together with a latch on the frame to minimise the chance of smoke passing through. Additionally, Triangle also focused on enhancing a variety of existing doors that only needed upgraded to meet compliance standards.
  • Triangle has upgraded the existing hinges with new fire-rated ones due to the failure of the former hinges to meet the required standards. The replacement hinges are mandated to possess a minimum melting point of 800 degrees Celsius and must be constructed from metal.

Triangle were delighted to participate in the replacement and upgrade of the fire doors to adhere to current fire regulations. This initiative guarantees that HMD Sealless Pump Ltd is  compliant with essential fire safety standards.

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Triangle continue to be professional, proactive and innovative in their approach to retro fit sprinkler systems. They always put the customer first and will always find a way to complete the project with minimal disruption to our residents.

Steve Key, MIFirE, Fire Risk Technical Lead, Midland Heart

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