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Wet Risers

Need a wet riser? We will ensure a swift and smooth process taking you through the design all the way through to installation.

A wet riser installation is built for the purpose of fighting fires in high rise buildings (over 50m). At Triangle Fire we have extensive experience installing wet risers and understand the requirements that need to be met, in accordance with BS 9990.

Wet risers, like dry risers, are a system of pipework and valves installed on each floor, designed to transport water throughout the building. 

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What is a Wet Riser?

A wet rising main is very similar to a dry rising main. Wet risers are found in high-rise buildings, and allows water to be easily delivered to all floors. Unlike dry risers, the pipes in wet risers are full of water at all times.

How Does a Wet Riser Work?

A wet riser connects to an on-site water tank which is fed via the water mains and assisted by a fire pump. As the pipes in wet riser systems are filled with water 24/7, they require pumps which deliver the water to the outlets drawing water from storage tanks. The pumps will operate when the pressure drops once a landing valve is opened.

When Do I Need a Wet Riser?

Wet risers become mandatory when a building is over 50m as set out by Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations. At Triangle Fire we take safety regulations very seriously and will ensure that we keep our clients informed on what requirements they are obligated to meet in order to avoid non-compliance. 

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At Triangle Fire we have more than 17 years in the industry installing wet risers and are one of the UK’s leading fire sprinkler installers trusted with numerous projects each year. We will take you all the way through from design, the supply of materials, the installation itself and maintenance afterwards.

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Triangle continue to be professional, proactive and innovative in their approach to retro fit sprinkler systems. They always put the customer first and will always find a way to complete the project with minimal disruption to our residents.

Steve Key MIFireE, Fire Risk Technical Lead, Midland Heart

Triangle have been working with Wates Property Services and SES to deliver circa 4,000 retrospective sprinkler installations across 80 high rise blocks in Birmingham for Birmingham City Council. 

Daniel Camp, Operations Manager, Wates Property Services

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