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Need a dry riser? We will ensure a swift and smooth process taking you through the design all the way through to installation.

As one of the UK’s trusted dry riser installers, we have a team of experts dedicated to taking you through the entire process.  

It’s our job to keep things simple for you, we ensure our installations meet the highest standards and don’t compromise when it comes to safety acting in accordance with BS9990. Take your installation forward with Triangle Fire to ensure maximum safety, streamlined service and competitive prices.

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What is a Dry Riser?

A dry rising main is a system of pipework and valves, often found in medium rise buildings, which allows fire-fighting water to be easily delivered to all floors. 

This network allows fire-fighting to be delivered via an inlet breech at ground floor access level, and distributed throughout the  building.

How Does a Dry Riser Work?

The aim of the dry riser is to allow firefighters easy access to a water supply on every level of the building. The pipes in the dry risers are empty and are only filled once firefighters attach their hoses and charge thepipework with water from the fire engine.

Once the firefighters arrive at site they attach their hose to the dry riser at the ground-floor inlet. The fire engine then supplies the water to the dry riser which is then dispersed throughout the system.

When Do I Need a Dry Riser?

Dry Risers are required in line with building regulations when a building is higher than 18m and below 50m above the fire access level to the top floor. Additionally, where buildings are a greater distance from the road and thus the hydrant supply, and/or a complex building, dry risers are often installed in buildings 18m.

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Triangle continue to be professional, proactive and innovative in their approach to retro fit sprinkler systems. They always put the customer first and will always find a way to complete the project with minimal disruption to our residents.

Steve Key MIFireE, Fire Risk Technical Lead, Midland Heart

Triangle have been working with Wates Property Services and SES to deliver circa 4,000 retrospective sprinkler installations across 80 high rise blocks in Birmingham for Birmingham City Council. 

Daniel Camp, Operations Manager, Wates Property Services

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